Patient Testimonials

Tim Lammers

Sports Producer

"Dr. Einhorn was accessible, honest, understanding, informative, and respectful of all the independent research I had done on my condition. That research ultimately led me to the Boston Medical Center. It is undoubtedly one of the best decisions I've ever made."

The thought of having such a cutting-edge, minimally-invasive hip surgery was appealing, and I was absolutely thrilled with my post-surgery recovery - only two half-inch scars, not a single pain-reliever needed, and even though I stayed on crutches for two weeks (as per Dr. Einhorn's orders), I am confident I could have been putting significant weight on my leg the following day, if necessary. Ten years ago, I'd have been off my feet for six weeks!

Helen Martorana

Regarding how Dr. Einhorn saved her knee, and enabled her to walk again:

"Dr. Einhorn is an excellent doctor who really cares. When I found Dr. Einhorn in 2008 through a friend, I couldn't walk as a result of a bad knee replacement I had with another doctor. It was obvious that the first doctor had made a mistake that he could not fix, and no other doctors knew what to do.

Dr. Einhorn put me at ease by explaining in detail what he was going to do, and how it would help me walk again. I am not certain about the details, but I do know he took something from my hip, and injected it into my knee. After a few months of recovery, I was walking, and I have had no problems since . Dr.Einhorn is a wonder."

Cindy Preece

In July of 2008 I traveled from Texas to Boston for a BMAC procedure with Dr. Einhorn. Over the previous two years I had undergone multiple surgeries for Avascular Necrosis in both hips and the right knee. While the surgeries helped for awhile, they were not a solution, and I had no choice but to use a wheelchair. Through my research, I learned about Dr. Einhorn and the BMAC procedure, which used my own stem cells injected into a core decompression to generate new bone. I emailed Dr. Einhorn and within minutes I had a reply and was speaking to his assistant. I was overjoyed to make contact with a doctor that was so sincerely willing to listen to my case.

Once I was approved for the procedure, we discussed travel arrangements. Dr. Einhorn's assistant, Annisse, was absolutely stellar in helping us with all the details. Once we arrived in Boston, we met Dr. Einhorn for the first time. Both my husband and I were quite impressed with his open and honest approach to our meeting. He answered all of our questions thoroughly and with an air that he had all the time in the world for us. He respected the research I had done and the knowledge I had gained about my condition and at no time treated me as simply another surgery he needed to do. He came on board as part of my team, and I felt confident that together we would give it our best shot. The care I received at every step of the way was excellent.

Communication with Dr. Einhorn is easy and straight forward and I find him readily available for questions even more than a year since my surgery.

It has been a little over a year since my procedure. I arrived in Boston using a wheelchair and crutches. Today I am able to kick a soccer ball with my 8 year old son. I am able to run around the park with him and ride bikes together. I am able to hold hands with my husband on evening walks. Being in a wheelchair did not stop me from living, but now I live life on my terms- and on my own two feet.

Dr. Einhorn and his entire team were tantamount to my recovery. I cannot speak highly enough of him.