Personal Statement

As an orthopaedic surgeon, I have performed operative and nonoperative procedures on thousands of patients suffering from hip and knee ailments. Developing trusting, open relationships with my patients has been vital to the high success rates we have achieved together. Understanding my patients' needs and expectations enables me to determine and recommend the most beneficial plan of treatment for their hip or knee conditions.

As a nationally recognized spokesperson and specialist in the field of regenerative medicine, I continuously assess the latest breakthroughs and developments to determine what has proven safe and effective by extensive basic research and controlled clinical studies. My work has been funded by the National Institute of Health since 1990 and I work closely with a team of orthopedic surgeons, PhD scientists, graduate students, and orthopedic surgeons in training, nurse practitioners, and postdoctoral fellows to investigate and develop new therapies to enhance the repair of bone, and the blood supply to bone.

I am confident that my surgical procedure utilizing stem cells procured from one's own bone marrow offers a viable, safe alternative to hip replacement surgery for patients aged 20 to 60 who suffer from early avascular necrosis of the hip.

I invite patients with hip and knee problems to contact me for consultation to obtain a personalized diagnosis and plan of action. Together we will determine how adult stem cell surgery can benefit you.